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Triple Twist Stats

Trey is a 1997 15.3h JC registered TB, also approved by AQHA for breeding to QH mares.  He may have been taller if he hadn't been starved from birth to age 3 so we are waiting to see what kind of height he passes to his offspring.  He was started under saddle as a 6 year old after having been minimally handled.  He has been completely trained and ridden by myself, an amateur.  He has had several people comment that his movement is above average for a TB and has been mistaken for a WB several times.  He has schooled jumps up to 4'6" without hesitating, even though my stomach was in knots. :)  His temperament is phenomenal and completely amateur friendly.  He has even been ridden and handled by children.  He is competing successfully in Eventing at the Novice and Training levels with hopes of moving up to Prelim in the coming year.  We are also going to try to get out to some jumper shows this year.  Look forward to seeing everyone!


Schooling 4'6"

AEC 2006