Twist of Fate Eventing 

Breeding qualityConnemaras and TB's with focus on Eventing

About Us

We are a small breeding operation located on the beautiful Ohio River in Lesage, WV.  It all started with a love of Gem Twist and a fateful sheriff’s auction which has grown into a lifetime passion.  We have been breeding off and on, on a small scale, since 1998. We currently stand Connemara stallion, T F Celtic Sword.  We offer Connemaras, TB and TB/Connemara crosses with quality breeding and performance.  We are blessed with some exceptional mares, stallions and a lifelong love of the 2 breeds, as well as eventing.  We strive to produce exceptional athletes who are also part of the family.  Our horses have superb temperaments and we pride ourselves on passing that on to future generations.


Our TB breeding program brings the great TB jumping lines of Bonne Nuit to the pedigree 3 times through New Twist as well as the great jumpers Good Twist, Good News Joe, Wait a Bit and Janes Bit, along with Dynaformer, Roberto, Wild Risk, Ribot, Turn To and Blushing Groom. 

Our Connemaras offer and combine some of the great Irish, French, Australians and US performance lines including Abbeyleix Finbar, Hideaways Erin Smithereen, Ballywhim Glynnis, Domo Cavallo Praise, Dexter Leam Pondi and Big Bear ponies. We also hope to incorporate some Grange Finn Sparrow blood in the future.




“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

- Winston Churchill